The team

A high-performance team attentive to your transport needs

Transports Bail has an available and responsive team with great versatility and great adaptability. Our objective ? Adapt our solutions to your requests.

  • Christophe Bail

    Christophe Bail

    Gérant Technique
    • Samson Lebon

      Samson Lebon

      Responsable affrètement
    • Sylvie Huyge

      Sylvie Huyge

      Responsable comptabilité
      • Aurore Lecoeuvre

        Aurore Lecoeuvre

        Facturation et suivi exploitation
    • Araujo Licinio

      Araujo Licinio

      Responsable exploitation
    • David Nicolas

      David Nicolas

      Responsable Donchery

Workshop mechanics

On the workshop side, our mechanics are committed and always accessible, real experts !

They provide quality work, as a team, because together we are stronger !

  • Laurent Coustenoble

    Laurent Coustenoble

    Responsable Atelier

The drivers

Our indispensable team of drivers with great versatility that completes the Transports Bail team.


  • National et international chartering : – Partial or complete loads
    – Plateform trailer, exceptional load
  • Logistics services : – Reception
    – Storage and inventory management
    – Expeditions